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Ensemble Del Passato

The group was formed in 2017.

What brought the artists together was their passion for early music and their love for the subtle sound of the voice, lute and guitars. They combine the search for various colors and moods with intense expression, dynamics and energy of the concert programs which they create. Arranging works on their own allows them to proficiently navigate a wide repertoire - from Renaissance works, to baroque and classical works, to the romantic ones. Their musical imagination makes them feel at ease when performing Italian, English, German or French works as well as the works of Polish composers. They prepare their concert programs carefully and make their listeners follow a well-thought-out narrative. Their concerts are always a musical adventure at the highest artistic level.

The band performs at many concerts and festivals. They have also recorded several online concerts:

Anna Budzyńska


  • Versatile, active singer, specializing in the performance of early, contemporary and broadly understood chamber music.

  • Lawyer by education

  • graduate of the Academy of Music in Poznań, PhD student at her alma mater

  • she improves her skills at courses with i.a. Cecilia Bartoli, Silvana Bazzoni, Teresa Żylis - Gara, Elizabeth Vidal, Jadwiga Rappé, Eva Blahova, Helena Łazarska and Anna Radziejewska. Her vocal supervisor is Jolanta Żmurko.

  • She performs at prestigious festivals and performs recitals in Poland and abroad.

  • Soloist of the Musical Theater in Poznań.

  • Founder and soloist of the Baroque ensembles Ensemble Toccante, Ensemble del Passato and Respiro d'Arte.

  • She collaborates with composers as the first performer of their works.

  • Holder of the Marshal of Wielkopolska scholarship in culture.

  • President of the Świat Możliwości (World of Possibilities) Foundation, founder of EDGE Music Studio, an active organizer of cultural events.

  • Artistic director of the Na Gotyckim Szlagu (On the Gothic Route) Festival in Western Poland.

Henryk Kasperczak

LUTENIST- lute, theorbo, chitarrone, romantic guitar

  • Graduate of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the lute class of Toyohiko Satoh and the Academy of Music in Kraków and musicology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.
  • Assistant professor at the Academy of Music in Poznań.
  • As a member of Basso Continuo orchestras and ensembles, he regularly collaborates with the Warsaw Chamber Opera, the Polish Royal Opera and the Dramma Per Musica Association.
  • Author of the book “Renaissance Lute Now and Then. A synthesis of styles, forms and performance in the work of Toyohiko Satoh”.
  • He works with young people, co-creating Wojciech Długoraj’s “The Shortest Night” Lute Festival in Gostyń and the International Festival of Early Culture in Malbork.
  • Chairman of the jury and co-organizer of the Youth’s Malbork Early Music Competition.
  • Co-organizer and accompanist at the Canticum Gaudium International Early Music Vocal Competition in Poznań.
  • As a musician playing period instruments, he also participates in contemporary and popular music projects; in the bands Amaryllis and Pospolite Ruszenie he combines early music with progressive rock; when collaborating with Jacek Kowalski, Mirosław Czyżykiewicz and Bartek Marusik, he introduces lutes into the world of contemporary songs with literary lyrics.

Maciej Kończak

LUTNENIST - lute, theorbo, renaissance and baroque guitar

  • Graduate of the lute class of Dr. Henryk Kasperczak and the guitar class of prof. Jerzy Nalepka and Dr. Bartłomiej Marusik at the I. J. Paderewski’s Academy of Music in Poznań.
  • Active musician performing virtuoso recitals and playing basso continuo in leading early music ensembles, including: Goldberg Baroque Ensemble, Wrocław Baroque Orchestra, Cappella Virdi Montana or Capella Del Sacro Monte, whose album was released in 2017 by DUX.
  • He recorded broadcasts for Polish Radio, and in 2018 two albums featuring his performances were released - a solo phonogram Baroque Lute Recital and Vivaldissimo (Krzysztof Meisinger & PolishBaROCK).
  • As the director of Wojciech Długoraj’s The Shortest Night Festival, he is also an organiser of activities aimed at promoting early culture in his hometown of Gostyń.
  • His teachers were such virtuosos as: JudicaelPerroy, ZoranDukić, Jens Wagner, Alexis Mazurakis, Jacob Lindberg, Paolo Cheric.
  • His students are winners of numerous national and international guitar competitions.
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